I was introduced to Kimberly by a mutual acquaintance, who knew that I needed major assistance in putting out communications to current and potential clients via email, LinkedIn, and other platforms of social media. Kimberly was what “the doctor ordered.”
She quickly grasped that I was an aging baby boomer, who had always depended on secretaries during a 46 year formal  work career.  Subsequently, working as private consultant, Kimberly became my “lifeline”, handling dictation, facebook notes, and a sundry other “social media” functions – that successfully connected me with present and future clients.
Very simply, Kimberly combines her technical skills with a patience and sensitivity that is rare in the business world today.  For anyone looking at experience and knowledge in transmitting social media – for both experienced and novice communicators – there is no one more proficient than Kimberly Rupert to fulfill the task of sending “your messages” to everyone who needs to know and/or learn about your business.
I am pleased to send my highest recommendation about Kimberly’s skills and manner of meeting the various needs of her clients – day in, and day out.
Ken Weintraub MSW
Owner of Ken Weintraub Consulting LLC