7 Scientifically Proven Tricks To Get More Done

When you own a business, you do everything independently with little backup. While a great deal can be achieved during your business day, there always seems to be more things to do and less time to do them. Multitasking may seem like the best way to go, but sometimes it can hurt your productivity more than it helps. 

Being able to maximize your time efficiently is crucial to your success. The good news is there are scientifically proven ways to boost your productivity!

1. Using Sound To Stay Focused

While random noises such as alarms, construction, and other office noise can lower your productivity, background sound can increase it. It’s best to pick something you’re familiar with for optimal productivity. Studies show that listening to music with lyrics can help you complete non-complex or repetitive tasks. But if your task requires a little more concentration, choose music without lyrics.

2. Grab a Coffee Nap or a Catnap

Lack of sleep undermines performance and can create a vicious cycle of working more hours to compensate for diminished productivity. If you’re like many sleep-deprived small business owners, why not consider taking coffee naps? 

My friend Anna swears by coffee naps! A coffee nap simply refers to drinking a coffee and then sleeping for about 20 minutes. The science behind this is that adenosine in our bodies declines once we fall asleep. Caffeine works as an antagonist of adenosine. Because adenosine levels are already low after a nap, the caffeine molecules will, in theory, have an easier time blocking receptors so that the caffeine effect will improve.

But if coffee isn’t your thing, a catnap on its own could do the trick. Twenty minutes is the sweet spot for a nap that will leave you feeling rested but not groggy. 

3. Stay Home 

Research from Ergotron says that working from home improves work-life balance, increases productivity, and reduces stress. Designate your own workspace in your home with all the supplies and equipment you may need close at hand to avoid getting up repeatedly. It would be best if you also shut out any distractions.

4. Turn Up The Workplace Thermostats

Too hot or too cold of an environment can compromise your focus, efficiency, and performance, making an unproductive workspace. It is worth noting that gender plays a critical role in temperature preferences. A USC study found that women tended to perform better in warmer temperatures (between 70 and 80 degrees), whereas men performed better when temperatures were below 70 degrees.

5. Stay Hydrated

Improving productivity starts with a glass of water. Being productive relies on our ability to focus, recall information efficiently and maintain a positive mood. Fortunately, these are all things hydration can help improve. 

Studies have shown that just 1% of dehydration has decreased worker productivity by 12%. With adequate water, you can potentially increase your productivity by 14%. 

6. Get A Blue Light

Blue’s primary effect is to suppress melatonin, the brain chemical that can make us feel sleepy. Blue light exposure can make you more alert and attentive, which boosts productivity.

If you don’t have access to daylight, try working under “blue-enriched” light bulbs that are 17,000K. It’s a simple way to perk up without caffeine, sugar, or taking a nap.

7. Work Fewer Hours

Research shows that when a person’s work hours exceed a certain threshold, this negatively impacts their productivity. So, rather than working long hours each day, work shorter hours for more intense and concentrated productivity. Fewer working hours trigger employees to set their agenda upon specific timelines, allowing them to utilize their working hours effectively.

Try out these tricks and see the difference you can make!